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Real Estate has been a very strong asset class for investors to grow their money on a longer term, with individuals having built fortunes from this. At Tenfinity, we believe that real estate is a very broad asset class to be offered directly, therefore our sepcialised real estate teams work with you to identify, verify and monetize on opportunities that could fit your investment profile. 


Fixed returns based real estate solutions

There are usually rented or leased properties that are identified, verified and the transacted for our clients. Such investments help establish rental streams for investors and also grow in value providing investors with higher growth.

Real Estate Investment Trusts and Real Estate funds

SEBI has recently published guidelines for the launch of REITS and real estate funds in India. More information will be publiched on this soon.

End User Investments

These are catered to investors looking for the properties self use weather its residential or commercial or rental. Our dedicated real estate team identifies, verifies and help you transact the best options for the investors.